Rough Seas

Well we did go out today and lo and behold; I was sea sick. So my hopes were kind of dashed for being a sailor.

But then a few nice comments from a few nice people and I guess I won’t give up completely.

We did see a sea turtle.

Of note:

Today was 93% humidity on land, and as I sit here on the boat typing (yes, I sleep on the boat too–no breaks for me) iit’s very warm. On top of that I skinned my leg up getting on the boat after we docked because everything was backwards (we backed in this time) plus my hands were full and I was still a bit sea sick. So I tripped on the rusty wires that make a fence around the boat and then the wire ran up my shin hard leaving a painful scrape.

Jim left with his flute and “I’ll be back sometime.” Guess he’s having a man’s night out. That’s cool.sea-turtle

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