Larimar: Nature Nurture

The wave of the ocean brings you up and over the crest while you smile with joy. Nature is taking you for a ride and holding you at the same time.
Larimar is known as the dolphin stone and is from a volcano, but cooling and comforting at the same time. Take time to let nature embrace and hold you like a baby. Whether riding a wave or looking at a cloud, slow it down and enjoy it. Nature is nurturing you; all is well.



Inner Peace: Many Colors

See how beautiful this stone tourmaline is, and it has many colors.¬†Our lives our busy like these many colors. Our experiences are vast. Living in the moment without taking the past with you, and not worrying about the future let’s one experience the present. Inner peace is found when one is in the present.



Inner Peace: seeing these colors and the beauty of nature with fresh eyes. Breathing and knowing that all is well. I am here in this moment.