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Lepidolite: Calm Acceptance

Pink and purple lepidolite. The pink one has pink tourmaline in it adding peace and love to the mix.




Lepidolite is a high lithium content stone and hence offers calming and meditative qualities to the wearer. Acceptance of the present day the way it is and particular circumstances that can be changed and what cannot. This includes things that one would like to change, but would be too hard to tackle right now.

Lately I’m finding a balance between writing grants for non-profit youth music programs and making jewelry. I have also added the “buy less” and work with what I already own motto. It helps to save money and reduce clutter. I just finished a large grant writing project that I started early and worked on almost every day for 10 days. Looking back on it I could not have done it in two days, it needed air and space to develop. I accept that time is important to writing a grant application for it to be effective.

What do you want to accept in your life to add a calming effect?

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I have a cousin, Steve, who is a musicologist. I played for him the Prince song Musicology and he had not seen it before (found the music video)–liked it! Anyway he suggested I make musical instruments from gourds and bamboo after he saw my collection that I had bought in my travels.
Lucky for me I overheard a lady talking about a gourd group and wha-lah, I’m now a possible member of the local gourd society AND I have a different cousin nearby who has too much bamboo in her yard and wants as much taken out as possible. So looks like I’m all set up. The word gourd sounds funny to me, but I need to keep a straight face and know they’re actually awesome.

Prince’s Musicology Video

Shekeres made from gourds by Carol Twombly

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Guitar Strums

Today I get a guitar lesson. I plan to teach some teens how to strum a guitar so I’m improving my skills. Give, get, ebb & flow.

Surprisingly it’s getting me to play drums more too just knowing my guitar playing is coming into fruition.  I’m finding around lunch time is a good time to hit the drums. Love the different beats.

As far a a gem for today, I will share a flower with some gem earrings. Consider the flower to be the guitar and the earrings the drum set.

Bottom left corner are tigers eye stars with lepidolite bead earrings.