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Malachite: I go with the flow.

Go with the flow. Kind of complicated if you think about the flow being something that might not be the right direction! Also does this mean to just laze around and let things happen?

For me it means to let the day flow with what is happening around me. As I go with my usual exercise/meditation and work schedule, some things may come up that are appropriate to do also. Malachite is considered by some to be the right use of the will (the universe’s will versus the ego). All of those topics are a bit far for me to reach. Thus going with the flow was the way I approached it.

Here’s some neat photos of Malachite for today.

Slices of Malachite from People’s Republic of Conga
Malachite Art profile photo from Urals Russia FB
Professional Photo of Malachite Ring from


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Prehnite: I am healed.

Prehnite is known to heal the healer.

It’s so beautiful especially with epidote mixed in…looks a bit like green tea. This necklace has that kind along with mother of pearl beads. Earrings are prehnite without epidote. Balcony floor tile here in Puerto Vallarta.



Then I’ve thrown in some neat rocks photos from wikipedia to show more beauty!



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Citrine: I attract abundance.

What a great life filled with good people and beautiful opportunities to shine. Today I uploaded some Citrine information and read up about it. I found out it’s often amethyst heated to a yellow color or a different quartz heated to make it such a beautiful color. That’s funny that something as wonderful as amethyst would be changed to some other color, but this yellow is incredible too.

Attracting abundance to me is “there is enough for everyone” and “what can I do today to improve myself to continue putting my best foot forward.”


Jewelry Set by

I’m heading out for a walk with friends and I’m wearing these earrings and bracelet today. It has prehnite and amethyst and citrine as the three major stones.

Thank you SUN for the yellow light you give us here on earth. We are abundant.

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I am connected to Mother Earth.

I think it’s cool that earth is known as mother earth, and then sky–father sky. The meditation where you think of mother earth bringing a red energy light up through your feet and father sky bringing a blue light through the top of your head and then the two meet in the middle making a beautiful purple, is one of my favorite.

I am connected to mother earth. Keeps me grounded and I am the type of “head in the clouds” person that needs that to remain stable and in my own power. Versus being distracted easily and not accomplishing my goals.

The gemstone Red Jasper is one of those stones for grounding, and it’s a beautiful red!

Jasper is neat in the way it comes in many colors and is known to provide healing and circulation. Unakite is a combination of red jasper and green epidote. I have had so much luck with unakite helping me to feel better. It’s my “go to” stone if I’m feeling sick.

This photo shows a nice cashier who bought a unakite bracelet because she said “her circulation is terrible” and she liked the colors. She kindly and shyly posed for a photo.

Thank you mother earth.

Unakite bracelet
Artist Gems Red Jasper Bracelet

Moonstone: Gem of the Day!

Back to Mexico spent a few months in Idaho. So beautiful there!

New beginnings and life cycles are one of the many aspects of moonstone. I lovingly embrace cycles of life and new beginnings. One of my favorite phrases when raising my children was “You can start your day over again at any time.” That seemed to be helpful for all of us instead of sinking to having a ruined day. I suppose you can do that with life too! New beginnings. Have fun be adventurous. Live in the moment. Adapt and change when life sends you twists and turns.

Thank you Moonstone and all the other gems in my life!

Artist Gemsmoonstone-necklacelune-polishedmoonstone-pendant



Fancy Shmancy Sayulita

I said to Jim, “Book us a hotel in Sayulita” and he did! It was a Fancy one called “Siete Lunas” in Punta de Sayulita. Had a good view and nature vibe. Now I’m all rested up and ready to stay on the small boat we own again until we leave Mexico (tomorrow). Then a stop to see my youngest son, Craig in Irvine California for 2 days. Here’s a few PANO_20151201_084701photos of Siete Lunas (it was so pretty). I even went to yoga in the jungle and saw some scorpians.



Muggy Rain

Rain no problem, humidity no problem, living on a boat in the marina no problem. However combine all three and everything I own is either moldy or damp–it’s a problem!

Anyway, hopefully the stuff all dries off someday and the mildew odor dissipates.

One more week to go and back to the USA and off of the boat.

On the positive side, had a good time seeing my friend Sheila perform on her bass guitar at Pour Favor in Old Town 2 days ago.


Plus an awesome walking tour put on by the Puerto Vallarta Office of Tourism located in City Hall just below the Lady of Guadeloupe Main Catholic Church. It’s free–just tip the tour guide if you want to. And of course we are tipping kind of people. Those tours are Tuesday and Wednesday 9am and Noon. We went at 9am to avoid the heat (it wasn’t raining that day). Our tour guide was born in Puerto Vallarta in 1950 and had a lot of interesting stories to tell us,walking-touralong with the usual town history and malecon (cement boardwalk) sculpture explanations.  In this photo he is on the left with the white shirt, Jim is on the right. Notice the cobblestone streets and view of the ocean.



Cool Bingo

We have bought a cooler at the Sunset Market and have used it for 2 days now. One bag of ice from Oxxo was just 22 pesos (US$1 = about 15 pesos) The ice lasted 2 days so we feel so happy. Jim was alone and sick on the boat for several weeks this summer (while I was back in “The States”) and says that he never thought of getting a cooler.

The other day when we went out sailing with nearby boat friends, Ruby and John from Australia, they brought on a cooler aboard for the trip. This gave Jim the idea that “Hey I can get a cooler and keep it on the boat.” So far we’ve had grapefruit juice, grape juice, sparkling lemonade, energy drinks (yes, that’s my bad habit), frozen organic berries (hope that makes up for the energy drink trouble I’m in), and frozen rice & vegie quick meal dinner item. We’re in hog heaven. We ate and drank almost everything–the poor grapefruit juice is the last soldier standing. Today we buy more ice and restock this miracle box.

Now for the bingo part shown in the headline of this blog…..can you handle it or should I put the bingo to a different day?

OK here it is by popular vote. We found a breakfast and bingo place that the water taxi driver loves to go to with his family. It’s a huge buffet of food and 3 free bingo games, played while you eat, for just $79 pesos. Air conditioned and good vibes. We’ve been there a few times and never won, but today I won! was 1/2 of a 250 peso win. Fine by me, but the other bingo winner frowned a bit when I ran over with my ticket too.

I’ll toss a photo onto this post for visual interest. It will be the “Paradise Village” drawings that are common on the buildings they have on the other side of the marine where we go to occasionally shop, eat breakfast/play bingo, etc. The drawings are a bit “Reiki Like”; perhaps they are Mayan based.