Love Yourself: Share Your Talent

Been having a good time sharing my talent and making new things with my business skills. Today’s stone is Rhodonite which, you guessed it, is sharing of talent, self-love, and self-acceptance. Those last two things self-love and self-acceptance seem to go hand in hand, and if you are feeling good about yourself–by golly–you’re more apt to share your talents.

Rhodonite is a beautiful pink with black lines in it. Some stones have mostly pink, others are nicely striped with black.


An affirmation for Rhodonite: “I love myself and share my talents.”



Made new price tag design for my jewelry line, and decided this might be the time to have an inventory system. So for all new items with the new tags, a number will be assigned. Then on Excel, a wonderful software program, I will track what that number is: jewelry type, stones used, size, and date created.

This will serve to see what is selling the most, and how many things I have made. Plus any stores that are consignment I can keep better track of what’s moving there.

A big thank you to the people that support me in this line of work, and help to come up with great ideas.

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Selenite: Higher Self


Selenite serves as a link to our higher self. It has the energy centers from our crown all the way to the 12th Chakra! From Naisha Ahsian’s Crystal Ally Book the affirmation that goes with Selenite is “I am a reflection on Earth of the Divine Spirit in Heaven.”

For me that helps slow me down to see that instead of just a task-doer I am actually a person of light. Living is amazing and the tasks that I do can be done with a higher purpose in mind. Am what I am doing today, helpful to me and others? Also the question of “Am I honoring my higher self?” comes to mind. Finally, “Am I treating myself with the dignity that I deserve as a being of light?”

When I treat myself well, I tend to treat others well. Mindfulness… my higher self acknowledges your higher self.