Muggy Rain

Rain no problem, humidity no problem, living on a boat in the marina no problem. However combine all three and everything I own is either moldy or damp–it’s a problem!

Anyway, hopefully the stuff all dries off someday and the mildew odor dissipates.

One more week to go and back to the USA and off of the boat.

On the positive side, had a good time seeing my friend Sheila perform on her bass guitar at Pour Favor in Old Town 2 days ago.


Plus an awesome walking tour put on by the Puerto Vallarta Office of Tourism located in City Hall just below the Lady of Guadeloupe Main Catholic Church. It’s free–just tip the tour guide if you want to. And of course we are tipping kind of people. Those tours are Tuesday and Wednesday 9am and Noon. We went at 9am to avoid the heat (it wasn’t raining that day). Our tour guide was born in Puerto Vallarta in 1950 and had a lot of interesting stories to tell us,walking-touralong with the usual town history and malecon (cement boardwalk) sculpture explanations. ┬áIn this photo he is on the left with the white shirt, Jim is on the right. Notice the cobblestone streets and view of the ocean.