A little Reiki via Gemstones

Today I took a walk and found a nice Laundromat in Plaza Bahia. It is mostly a laundry service but had a sign Agua Fresca Naturales (more or less). So I went in and read the choices and asked for Strawberry. There was a nice couple working inside and they offered me Oatmeal Cinnamon. Seeing that was the best choice. I took it. Then I slowly drank it while visiting with them and cooling off after my long walk.

Then of course my business mind wandered and so I asked them if they might want to carry my bracelets. The stones have been cleared with Reiki, Sunshine and Sea Salt before I make them into bracelets both for my benefit and for the person who may purchase them. I was speaking in Spanish and, from experience, I knew the name for Amethyst and Turquoise so included those gemstone varieties in my explanation. They suggested the hair salon across the way had a lot of women customers and might be a better spot for me. I promptly visited the hair salon, and I now have the business card of that store’s owner, and of course I left my card too. Then I had fun meeting some other people from a restaurant, in the same small Plaza, that is opening tomorrow. The old sign says Pizza and Pasta, but the new business will be called “Pinocchio” . Perhaps I’ll play some music there with Jim someday. They did ask what our price was for performing, and I replied “We are flexible.” To which they looked pleased.

These are at the Boise Coop!
These are at the Boise Coop!

Rough Seas

Well we did go out today and lo and behold; I was sea sick. So my hopes were kind of dashed for being a sailor.

But then a few nice comments from a few nice people and I guess I won’t give up completely.

We did see a sea turtle.

Of note:

Today was 93% humidity on land, and as I sit here on the boat typing (yes, I sleep on the boat too–no breaks for me) iit’s very warm. On top of that I skinned my leg up getting on the boat after we docked because everything was backwards (we backed in this time) plus my hands were full and I was still a bit sea sick. So I tripped on the rusty wires that make a fence around the boat and then the wire ran up my shin hard leaving a painful scrape.

Jim left with his flute and “I’ll be back sometime.” Guess he’s having a man’s night out. That’s cool.sea-turtle


Marketing Idea for Anywhere!

This is a post card stand just outside of our pier. I sent out four yesterday to friends and family.

The neat part is one side is an advertisement of sorts for various businesses, but mostly tastefully done so one would want to mail them to friends. So it works as an ad and a free postcard. I asked a lady walking by who admired the stand to pose for a photo to show how big the stand is.

They were out of the yummy looking avocado ones but I found a close up of a movie star (local cinema), an opal mine tour company, a light and electricity service one, plus some blank ones you can color on (had some kind of tagline on it). I already drew stick figures on one of Jim and I and our boat Hokulele. I might share that drawing on a future post.

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Free Postcards
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Advanced Reiki – Yes!

I just completed Advanced Reiki and it was even more amazing than I could have imagined. Working with crystals, which I already do when making jewelry, and extra healing modalities.

It was cool to continue developing my Reiki skills. I just happen to have lived where Reiki was first discovered (Kyoto Japan).

Happy trails, Drum Reiki Fun Timer