Thoughts become Truth

I found out I gained some weight, at least that’s what the doctor said when I weighed in for a physical. Since then I haven’t been able to stop eating. I need to go back to somehow thinking I’m slender and eat that way LOL!

I know one excellent method, well actually two to lose weight or at least plateau. They are (1) only eat when I’m hungry and (2) put a time limit on when I can eat in the evening like “no eating after 7pm”. The latter one is fun because you eat all you want all day but stop at that time you’ve selected. The next day woohoo! get to eat again.

Anyway how to tie this to a rock. Lapis lazuli comes to mind since it is inner wisdom and intuition (sounds like the same thing right). For me inner wisdom is listening to something ancient within me, a voice that is more than my conscience mind. Whereas intuition is my gut feeling like when I think someone is a bit weird and I’m getting weird vibes from them–it’s almost always true–if I stick around to find out. Wearing or even thinking about that dark blue color of Lapis helps bring this awareness to the forefront and even is considered to activate your 3rd Eye Chakra! You just can’t beat that.

I just happen to have a great photo of a Lapis bracelet I made that has been the wallpaper on my Artist Gems Facebook for months now. I’ll paste it below and put something fresh on FB. Ciao for now!


Artist Gems Facebook


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