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I am connected to Mother Earth.

I think it’s cool that earth is known as mother earth, and then sky–father sky. The meditation where you think of mother earth bringing a red energy light up through your feet and father sky bringing a blue light through the top of your head and then the two meet in the middle making a beautiful purple, is one of my favorite.

I am connected to mother earth. Keeps me grounded and I am the type of “head in the clouds” person that needs that to remain stable and in my own power. Versus being distracted easily and not accomplishing my goals.

The gemstone Red Jasper is one of those stones for grounding, and it’s a beautiful red!

Jasper is neat in the way it comes in many colors and is known to provide healing and circulation. Unakite is a combination of red jasper and green epidote. I have had so much luck with unakite helping me to feel better. It’s my “go to” stone if I’m feeling sick.

This photo shows a nice cashier who bought a unakite bracelet because she said “her circulation is terrible” and she liked the colors. She kindly and shyly posed for a photo.

Thank you mother earth.

Unakite bracelet
Artist Gems Red Jasper Bracelet

Moonstone: Gem of the Day!

Back to Mexico spent a few months in Idaho. So beautiful there!

New beginnings and life cycles are one of the many aspects of moonstone. I lovingly embrace cycles of life and new beginnings. One of my favorite phrases when raising my children was “You can start your day over again at any time.” That seemed to be helpful for all of us instead of sinking to having a ruined day. I suppose you can do that with life too! New beginnings. Have fun be adventurous. Live in the moment. Adapt and change when life sends you twists and turns.

Thank you Moonstone and all the other gems in my life!

Artist Gemsmoonstone-necklacelune-polishedmoonstone-pendant