Marketing Idea for Anywhere!

This is a post card stand just outside of our pier. I sent out four yesterday to friends and family.

The neat part is one side is an advertisement of sorts for various businesses, but mostly tastefully done so one would want to mail them to friends. So it works as an ad and a free postcard. I asked a lady walking by who admired the stand to pose for a photo to show how big the stand is.

They were out of the yummy looking avocado ones but I found a close up of a movie star (local cinema), an opal mine tour company, a light and electricity service one, plus some blank ones you can color on (had some kind of tagline on it). I already drew stick figures on one of Jim and I and our boat Hokulele. I might share that drawing on a future post.

marketing, postcards, stand, Nuevo Vallarta, Xt
Free Postcards

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